Dave started his kickboxing career with TOA in early 2010 and competed regularly nationally and internationally, until turning his focus onto coaching in late 2021.

Dave would describe his tutelage as “studying under the three wise men” of Southern combat sports learning and sharpening his skills under the legends Sensei Pete Thompson, Matt Toa and Blake Tomlinson, and would now describe his style as a unique mix of traditional K1 and Muay Thai kickboxing (with a thunderous spinning back kick 😂).

3xISKA South Island middleweight champion

WAKO South Island 80kg champion

ISKA NZ middleweight Champion

WAKO Oceaiania Middleweight Champion

Kings of Combat light heavyweight international Pro Champion.

WAKO NZ National Kickboxing team member, Macedonia, Brazil, Serbia and Hungary.

2x South Island Representative King In The Ring (2014 and 2018)

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